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How to advertise your product on Television


Tv advertisement production: Tips for Success!

Okay, so you’ve made it this far.  You have an amazing product that only needs access to 1) a big audience and 2) to major retailers.  You’ve gone to www.PowerOfMarketing.com and have submitted your application to showcase your product on national TV.  You wait a while and finally the Power of Marketing TV show lets you know that your application has been reviewed and your product is accepted to go on TV.  So what’s next?

We know that it can be nerve wrecking to present your product on national TV.  As an inventor or owner of the product, you’ve had HUGE dreams of marketing your product nationwide.  You’ve spent years and lots of time energy and effort in getting it ready to go to market.  So when the big day comes to showcasing your product on National TV, you feel nervous… you don’t want to “screw it up”.
We’ve interviewed many on TV and have put together a few tips for TV advertising success:

1.    Prepare an outline or key points of what you want to discuss and show on TV

2.    List out the main features and most importantly, discuss the benefits of the product

3.    Rehearse it in front of family and friends or at least in front of a camera

a.    Ask for feedback on what you can improve on

b.    See what you look like on camera

You probably think that it is time consuming to go through all these steps before going on TV, but because you know your product best… you may skip over the details that the audience may not understand, which means you may be selling your product short.

How to Sell your Product on TV: A few Preparation Questions:

You will want to practice answering the following questions when you are on the Power of Marketing TV Show.  Preparation is crucial to the success of your product selling on TV.  Remember that the opportunity to sell on national television could mean thousands of units selling during airtime.

The following are some basic questions that you should prepare for the Power of Marketing TV Show:

  1. What is the name of the product and what does it do?
  2. How did you come up with the idea?  (perhaps you can explain in a “human interest” story format, where you make it personable and relate-able for others).
  3. Is there anything dramatic or interesting about why the product was developed?
  4. Explain in detail the benefits of this product over existing products on the market.  What does it replace?  Why?  How exactly is it better?  Is it smaller, lighter, waterproof, better quality, more durable, environmentally friend, more safe… etc.
  5. Who are the ideal customers for this product?  (male, female, children, pets, athlethes, dancers, students, senior citizens?)
  6. What are existing customers saying about your product?
  7. Is there a warranty?  What is the shelf life of the product?
  8. What are the variations that the product comes available in?  (sizes, shapes, colors and etc.)
  9. If it is to your benefit, please go into detail of where your product is made and where it is shipped from.
  10. Please have the pricing details of your product ready; retail, wholesale and the price for Power of Marketing TV Show.

Before the TV advertising Production:

We at the Power of Marketing TV Show are here to make sure you do your best on camera.  Come prepared with the answers to the above questions.  Make sure that the product you will be showcasing will be it the best shape for camera action.

How Power of Marketing TV Show will help you:

We will have someone that you will do a quick rehearsal with you before the video production takes place.  We want to help you by ensuring that your presentation makes sense to the TV audience.  Again, make sure that you are well prepared in advanced with all the information on your product before you come on set.  The most successful infomercials are profitable, because everyone has rehearsed their presentation and therefore are comfortable discussing and expanding on their product.
Additional, the Power of Marketing TV show also has a TV show host to guide you through the series of questions to make you feel comfortable on TV.  Our friendly TV show host will ask take you through the a series of questions so that you have the opportunity to engage with someone on TV to better describe the features and benefits of your product.
Another “Sell your Product on TV” Tip: Make sure that you dress in “camera friendly clothes” so that you look sharp on TV.   There are some colors that you need to avoid when getting in front of the camera.  Click here to learn more about what you should wear on TV.

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